Kyle Morris

Mister Morris creator, owner, designer, electrician and hoarder.

Most likely seen: Up a ladder somewhere, Coopers Pale in hand.



Alison Frith

Ceramic artist, Ali adopts unconventional surfaces to create narratives between the organic and refined.

Most likely seen: Wowing studio cohorts with her signature crater glazes.

lyndsey knight artist, illustrator and designer

Lyndsey Knight

Designer, stylist and illustrator, Lyndsey's unique style features original illustrations fused with digital design, giving a branding projects a handmade aesthetic. 

Most likely seen: Boiling the studio kettle for yet another cup of tea.

tirelle peters mm.jpeg

Tirelle aka thepeatreecollective

Resident doodler, Tirelle’s illustrative style is animated and quirky, often characterised by a refined colour palette and detailed patterning.

Most likely seen: Meandering the streets with her trusty sidekick – Moose the Staffie


moose miste morris.jpeg


Resident studio dog / TV star / all time babe. When Moose isn’t sniffing around looking for something to chew he spends his time handing out kisses and cuddles to the ladies of Mister Morris.

Most likely seen: On the couch, snoring.