Kyle Morris

Mister Morris creator, owner, designer, electrician and hoarder.

Most likely seen: Up a ladder somewhere, Coopers Pale in hand.



Alison Frith

Ceramic artist, Ali adopts unconventional surfaces to create narratives between the organic and refined.

Most likely seen: Wowing studio cohorts with her signature crater glazes.


Lyndsey Knight

Designer, stylist and illustrator, Lyndsey's unique style features original illustrations fused with digital design, giving a branding projects a handmade aesthetic. 

Most likely seen: Boiling the studio kettle for yet another cup of tea.


Zo Sandow

Zo is an RMIT fashion graduate, costume designer and seamstress to the stars. 

Most likely seen: Coffee cup in hand, returning from Cedar's up the road. 




With a background in fashion design, Rosie discovered a flare for kids room decor. Her business Zee&me was soon born — beautiful fabric covered letters adding joy to many a wall.